Estonian Kringle

Holy Crap. This is delicious, beautiful and looks hella fancy. I’m in love with this recipe and might be what I start taking to peoples houses when I get invited to fancy party things. Alright, lets face it, that just means my Grandparents house because no one really has fancy parties.

First and foremost, I used the recipes from Just Love Cooking. It was easy to follow, and I was very appreciative of the visual step by steps.


Because I’m obsessed with these time lapses, here is the rise of the dough. This one came out looking kinda like a brain and very weird.


Once the dough is done it’s a pretty simple process. Roll out the dough; spread the cinnamon/sugar/butter mixture; Roll up length wise; cut in half; twist; bake; bam!







This was destroyed in about 2 days. It was way too hard to resist and I’m blaming my last few pounds on the scale because of this delicious beast. Estonia, you have your priorities figured out. Even if this is the only thing I know about you.


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